graceful each and every

The Everyday Visuals are the kind of band that will make you start blogging again. no, for serious, i've been away lost in much work (which i know is no excuse... tsk tsk) but i'm BACK bitches, and i'm badder than ever. what better way to kick it off than with a thank you to one very dear Eli Scheer (rhyming!)

as a guitar playing, singing mastermind in Boston-based The Everyday Visuals, Eli kills it on stage and on the record with subtlety that is so damn on point you feel it. you feel the slight restraint but the full on oomph behind it. hopefully you like this track "Electric Lights" below. it's my new fave from their older album Media Crush. the newest.. "Things Will Look Up" is absurdly excellent as well. i recommend you purchase it tout suite.

but in any case, yesss yessss Eli kills it in the band but he also does graphic design! (boy wonder...) and made me that very fine logo type magic you see up top on this very screen! so THANK YOU x one million to Eli. and blog world: i'm back! and now 7% less uncomfortable!

the everyday visuals - electric lights


coming up only to hold you under

asking that you be theirs, Portland ME's magical music collective make songs that make you wish you were there when they were recorded... sometimes you get lucky. the album has been in the works for sometime and this version of Grace is not the final one (sorry gents!) but... the electric guitar part just slays me right here.

"having said this to you or at least to your face, i'll consider this done and you in your place"
the place i want? to be making a video with these fine lads. soon...

The Please Be Ours - Grace


Winged Rain

Mamunia - Paul McCartney & Wings


bright lights, lucidy

Dominic and the Lucid hail from Portland, ME and sound like a
dream you had this morning right after the humidity crept in the window and right before your sweat broke.

Dominic and the Lucid - A Killer You Kissed in the Dark


Out of Context

sometimes I just like to hear a little bit...


from here

after much struggle, and high-speed, high-awesome attempts
to steal internets in rural Ontario... the computer said
it was not to be, so I had to wait until back in the BK wireless to post. 
here's what gets written when feeling ponder-happy in the woods:

so, only a few days into this brown book elastic-ing, 
I find myself totally weirded out by public chatter. It's kind of just... 
chatter, right? i'm of the belief that one should really only talk
when they have something to say... if not, then what are we doing?
just filling space with words? it's the same reason "color commenting"
on hockey games never quite agreed with me... if you're asking me to
fill space for the sake of space being filled i just feel kind of like a jackass. 

so what is it with blogs then: in many excellent cases they serve to 
 - bring new music/things?/media? to people who are looking for it
 - keep people in touch with those who are far from them
 - connect people who want to learn/read/community-up about a common topic

 or maybe it's just... 

 I Like Cool Shit.com
    : a place to point out books, clothes, songs, music and other dope things and,
          well sure it's fun both to read and write  but: what's the point?

is it just that You Like Cool Shit (dot com) and 
You'd Like Everyone to Know that You Like Cool Shit?
    so now we're blogging about blogs eh.... yikes. 

   - live performances by Dominic and the Lucid
        - photos and tracks from The Everyday Visuals
- plus a little bit of Gregory and the Hawk



**note: this photo is amazing. i don't know who took it, but it wasn't me... ain't stealin**

The Rest - Unlikely Cowboy

Brotherly Love

Down Philadelphia way, I had the great pleasure of seeing the Popped! fest [gogol bordello, mates of state, crystal castles] a few weekends ago.

Though their lack of booze was perplexing to say the least, we made some good fun
before heading off to visit with dear lovelies Unlikely Cowboy .
Pardners from way back, they showed us Brooklyn folk a mighty fine time what with
the friendly bartenders, the friendlier backyards, the Summer Solstice drum circle at Himmel Center
and, for whatever excellent reason, a rooftop pool. we're ballers! good gracious.

I've been looking to make a video for these sweet, sweet tune-makers
for some time... and it looks a song has been chosen. 
more on Philly and the track coming soon... 


aaaand we're live...

welcome to Brown Book Elastic...

 this is where all notes from the little brown books turn into pictures, 
 and videos and music spirals. there will be breaks in the space/time
 continuum because sometimes things happened long ago but they still 
want to hang out here with the rest. 

 this is where the music I love mingles with the photos I take, 
the videos I make and the projects as they unfold.  

    so hey, welcome.   
         and happy Canada Day - it's fitting ... so is this baby