oh, word?

Cortez!Cortez!! - public assembly; brooklyn, ny; 11/25/08

i don't know what happened here but it was fun to make. this band is... really good. i hope you like this tiny taste of vid.


cold moving shoulder

what's with road videos being so good. bat for lashes, aluminum baseball bat by the howlies, there are more.

here's one i just discovered through a fellow canadian's mp3 blog. hiya Dot fam!

nice, right? but... get a load of these ones
made by miss emma kafka.

these make me unreasonably happy.

Tez Philly

Cortez!Cortez!! is a trio out of Philly with a sound that confuses and excites me. Live... it was like early Kings of Leon x Bit o Prog x the ramones? no... something british... and for some reason blue oyster cult's "burnin for you." not really, but... in my head it's totally that way. in the best way. you see? confused. BUT so intrigued. (weird little vid of of performance coming soon!)

but in the meantime... I grabbed a cd at the show also and found that on record they are very... bowie? (well mostly on Paper Train...which isn't here) a hint of The Kills... a little old Bloc Party? i hear? maybe it's Built to Spill i'm thinking of too... also good. but, you see...i'm perrrrplexed. and obsessed.

cortez!cortez!!- newspapers

cortez!cortez!!- bad lieutenant

Do it Do it Do it

a new blog is born!
Nightly To Do Lists

many a contributor. many a hope and dream listed for the morn-time.

No Stuff

i did my thanksgiving back in october, evidence below:

with all this other travel, and giving of thanks i'm thinking of my dear Dot. Toronto is a nice place:

(Photo by TOMMS, courtesy of TheTorontoist)

As Steve Martin said on 30 Rock:... "Toronto's just like new york... without all the stuff!" aww... i smiled.


local maine news clip!
i know. awesome, right?
Loverless performing, being interviewed and spoken about by real live news anchors.
i am thankful for this.


we've both...

danny showed me elliott back in maine. After that it was for sleeping to, riding trains to, listening and hot baths to. Too. "don't start me trying now..." - angeles.
Waltz #2 - live, swedish tv.

nymag = “Elliott Smith and Kurt Cobain were the great incorruptible rock artists of the nineties. They shared the mentality of outsiders, and refused to give it up even as their fame and talent earned them status as insiders. When Cobain killed himself in 1994, Smith was just emerging as a solo artist, a songwriter who used an acoustic guitar and sweet, aching melodies to convey resentment and self-loathing every bit as acute as Cobain’s. Smith died at the age of 34 in 2003 of a stabbing that may have been self-inflicted—the Los Angeles coroner’s office has never reached a conclusive determination—and thus began his posthumous career. The album he was struggling to make at the time of his death, From a Basement on the Hill, came out the following year;”

this song is from that album:


needle in the hay - royal tenenbaums
two of my favorite things together.
"accounting for everything"

metric doing “behind the bars”

... been photoshopped.


The Big More

In high school, i wrote a paper that has since disappeared, on why The Big Chill soundtrack is so key to the emotional tension and magic of the film. The songs that made it in are unreal; they don’t just play to the different time periods addressed (when they were college friends vs. the sad circumstance reunion) …

…But the music is also used so perfectly scene by scene. Absurdly literal in most cases ( “Natural Woman” when it’s time to impregnate your wife’s best friend cause it’s the nice thing to do … or “Heard it through the Grapevine” when we find out about all them secrets) but effective nonetheless.

This opening scene is pretty much the best thing. Introducing all the characters with one or two perfect lines, as we ride in a suicide funeral march to “You Can’t Always Get What you Want.”… word?

Stay with me here, this is about soundtracks… oh, YouTube.. how you both make and destroy my life/trains of thought.

I own the soundtrack for almost every teen movie of the late ninties/early oughts: drive me crazy, ten things i hate about you, I think Romeo & Juliet kind of counts... pretty alright. Awesomeness continues in the present as here we are, in Vampire Obsessed 2008 with Twilight, a film that treads the teen territory to the tune of excellence like Perry Farrell and of course... Paramore. (YES!)

the vid for Decode (a song i cant. stop. listening. to) is directed by Shane Drake, known for such other Fueled by Ramen-Fam good'uns as Nine in the Afternoon (this video really tickles me, i'm not sure why. It makes my teeth smile) and Crushcrushcrush (which locks down the oft-proved thesis that: everything’s sexier in the desert)

he takes 'em to the woods this time:

… this track’s been listened to almost 12 MILLION times on the band’s myspace. Mayhaps because people fiend so hard for this band, and it’s been a while since new material surfaced. But also… because it RULES.

see 2:38 ..."do you see what we've done
we've gone and made such fools of ourselves"

and 3:36 the breakdown with.... "i think i know". guitar. yes.

and now... the video

have we come full circle? not exactly. welcome aboard the chell brain express. full speed ahead.


Cease, brother

As promised... Dominic and the Lucid at Piano's live in NYC...

Dominic and the Lucid - Cease to Exist

camera - sam winter/chell stephen
edit- chell stephen

if you're in Maine on December 13th the SPACE gallery would be a good place to be:


helping in the fight against SADS

yeah, it's that time of year again; you can tell because your legs are so dry they burn and the coldness at your window when you wake makes getting to work on time a task near impossible. and then before you know it... it's sadpants USA and you don't even know what hit you. cold weather and early darkness make everything a little more grey, but the cure comes from Maine. realtime.

dominic and the lucid
released their second full length album "season of the sun" this past September, and everybody rejoiced:

listening to this track had me flashing back to a sunny Gorham hill in the spring of 03; the grass was crunchy and yellow but we'd been inside so long we needed sun, every drop. and love, too.

dominic and the lucid - simpleton's hymn

**a brown book elastic exclusive in the form of live Dominic videos... soon**


map dreams

this is buenos aires. by subway.


did you make littles or bigs?

see you thursday, Little Joy...

thanks pitchfork.tv

good better best

busy day here at BBE apparently.
lots of stuff to love...

when i first met Dan Schwartz we were on a roof looking at the ocean in Maine playing the bandnamegame. He makes amazing music in various formations (Unlikely Cowboy, The Ground Became a Church) and is currently flexing with Good Old War. This band is receiving mad love right now, which rules... free download on Amazon, UK iTunes download of the week... very nice gents. verrrrry nice.

Good Old War - Coney Island

semi-related video alert!
last October i worked with Black20.com to produce a series of Unlikely Cowboy videos: a little feature action and some live performances. here's one shot at the Tin Angel in Philly. if it doesn't make your skin tingle, you might not have skin.

see more at Black20Live

too. much. excitement.

adrien brody + mos def... + musical greats to the maximum.
i've got my mind-blown hat on and am prepared to be both disappointed and in love.

Tragically Scared

it's hard when your face gets melted while at the office. coworkers are scared, i am content.
dear friends Earl Greyhound release some new ish and it feels real good:

earl greyhound - i'm the one (live at pop machine)


spotlit muther

NME does Homme. an old favorite.


measure for measure, note for note

new metric? purrrr....
new metric video/doc in buenos aires? hot damn.

courtesy of gorilla vs. bear