prarie dog

peep the pop up! been working hard on the latest vid and haven’t had much time for the bloggery, but as usual I’m still checking out all the hotness I can and cut and pasting embed codes in various word documents like it’s something someone pays me for.

Richard Swift - Lady Luck
been enjoying this jawn for a minute, and now here’s a video to please me tooooo! simple but dope performance set-up… and an album on the way.

Richard Swift - Lady Luck

vlad the impaler - kasabian
i just want to be watching this over and over again, forever. it's unreal.

DIVA BIDEOS! (bogue, bogue… bogue)

apparently these two are feuding occasionally. I can’t be bothered to know more than this, but these two videos are like a G.D smokeout to me. making it realtime sexy.

keri hilson - turnin me on

ciara featuring j.t


kid cudi x patsy cline = brain short circuiting.
go here to get with that:

thank you full clip. xoxo.


just a kid in your walking candy store

this is like a perfect little dream.
i love the occasionally bored john cusack looking drummer.
additionally, i would like to hire someone to stand around behind me with an upright bass and just twirl that bad boy around every few minutes. i think that'd be juuuuust right.

lily allen - not fair... directed by melina


show vs. tell

photo by johnny leather

the first time I heard motel motel’s coffee was like the fifteenth, too. that’s not to say these Brooklyn gents aren’t doing original shit… there’s just something so familiar about this track. Like how some mornings my hands smell like photo developing chemicals and there’s no reason why, but the familiarity of the smell is as comforting as repeat-hand-smells are necessary. nah mean? this song is aural chemicals.

I don’t need your help
I can feel helpless all my own

motel motel - coffee


like i'm some kinda slow sally

i remember the first time i heard this album.

it made me hit the deck, literal style. laying on the carpet on the second floor of Spruce, staring up at the ceiling while the whole thing played through. I can’t explain why it did that to me, only that I got up to restart the album and then promptly lay right back on the floor. I remember when D came home and stood over me, “what are you doing?”

and then it came back around with this track on a drive-ready mix cd called “running away”.

I love this video. how had I never seen this before?



if there were any possible way for me to stop listening to this song... well then i just don't know ... what... what?

Ned over at Ten Dollar Radio reviewed the solo disc from The Black Keys' front man, and it is on his Cast-o-Pod that i found this track.

“When the Night Comes” uses a looping, 1950s chord progression and a reference to “Stand By Me” (the opening line of that song is, “When the night has come…”) to create a lullaby that soothes a lover to sleep. The arrangement is spare and tender and matches perfectly the refrain: “Don’t be afraid, you’re only dreaming.”


a hunned

imma keep it: 100, one hundred, a hunned, one hundo.
couple things:
1) february's over. can i holla, can i holla, can i holla
2) this is the hundredth BBE post. salut!
3) it's snowstorm city outside, and cozytown USA inside: welcome!

so in case you're trapped all up in the storm, but you feel like seeing a few little tastes from shows all about NYC: i gotchoo. come along on a journey called: How I Fought The Month and Won.

sam roberts - bowery ballroom - 2.18.09
From photo-a-day - FEB!

Canadians with beards and wedding rings;
an album of new songs and old hits revisited.
the guitar player’s harmonies just about blew my mind
and S.Roberts himself, so wee in stature, is a huge huge presence up on stage.

this is Sundance

* * *

cortez! cortez!! - retox - 2.21.09

third time I’ve caught these guys’
they’re feeling both tighter and looser all the time:
tighter musically, but just comfortable and fun with the looseness.
this quick clip is a taste of what life is like in the retoxbetox.

* * *

slim twig - piano's - 2.24.09
From photo-a-day - FEB!

in a pre-SXSW USA trip, a young fellow I’ve known for years,
stopped by Piano’s, a venue hellbent on ruining my life despite it’s tendency to book good bands. he’s Slim Twig and his Mercy Mercenaries were there too. They’re packing homemade beats/samples, guitar-playing drummers and rockabilly growls over distortion… you should see it. you should.

* * *

howlies- death by audio - 2.26.09
From photo-a-day - FEB!

second or third time? I’m forgetting now… but isn’t it just the best when a band’s been on tour for months and months and they come back all tight as hell and with smiley ass guitar players and drummers who can hold it down with a mic and the sticks?

this is Aluminum Baseball Bat



on my trip across the pond earlier this year, i was lucky enough to encounter some friendly friends of friends (as you do) of the tunemaking variety. though when i caught one talented member, he had guitar in hand in a smokey flat bedroom and was not standing behind one of the above keyboards... this is his five piece: Crystal Fighters.

you will dance.

are we sweaty? warming up?

crystal fighters - with you

and now... to shake it:

crystal fighters - i love london

click here for free mixtape download http://www.zshare.net/download/512577842c8c7683/

can't stop camb

photo by cara slifka

there are three other posts that have been "in the works" for days... weeks. but today is sunday, and the cold caught up, and i can't stop listening to this song, so we're jumping up the queue a bit. Portland ME's own The Cambiata traveled down last monday to play The Delancey, and i'll admit: i had been a skeptic before, or maybe i'd never really listened at all ...but the truth comes out eventually. these guys are damn good.

give this track a listen, for Sunday's sake.

the cambiata - surgery