on the eastern front

help, i'm alive - metric


all springs up

tucson, AZ - February 2004

sunblocked skin cause we whiteys; shades, books and poolside tunes.
afternoon donkey kong with a side of quac, pre-nap natch.

every few months I remember how much I love this video and flashback. the colors of D’s (clueless4life) dress, slow mo running with the pavement underneath, and when she pulls up those shades… a quick lipbite and gone. mmmm... chilly.

kanye west feat syleena johnson - all falls down


ooh shit damn

i'm head over heels for these girls.

so good - directed by melina

this beat makes me doo-wop dance all solo in my room. so good.. mmm. and there goes melina with these g.d colors like WHAT! what a gal, what . a. gal.


am i walking somewhere? well then i can't be expected to do it unless this is pumping in the headphones. "caaaant be awwskked"


the fool play

mmmm… this song is the best. thank you souled on, for your always comprehensive, inevitably entertaining, unbelievable unearthing of awesome.

sometimes I don’t like myself - steve colt