dear, dear fair

a seventeen year old Jagger making me crave a blondness for my curls:

a solo julian casablancas bringing tingles to all the girls... here

julian casablancas - left & right in the dark


the boot-Eh, the boody

i've been harassing these friends and fam 'o mine for approximately two years to HAND over the recording of this song, so i might properly obsess about it. however it seems the recording is not "right" and the this is not "that". but THEN this last Thursday, one Eric Ambrose (newly arrived on the shores of NY from Portland, ME) and my dear Elijah Ocean, played a CMJ show at the Delancey. done and done.

so the song: for you please

i tell her that i think
my head's just not right

and sure, i could use a drink,
and a bed for the night

i've said these words before
but i knew i'd find

myself at her door again,
like i have many times.

booty call - eric ambrose & elijah ocean



well this is appropriately vibe-ular, then.
--check out that exploding wall right before the 2:00 mark!

blow up the outside world

so i can see

i'll keep looking around and adding to the library:

and deciding against possible better judgement
to wear the backless unitard.

moses atwood - happiness


a wadsworthian tale

here is claire looking like a pirate in this photo i ganked from her face.

if you've been to philly, and haven't partied with the Wadsworth sisters then you have missed out so so so sorely. not only are they a rollicking non-stop good time, but a generous folk they are, as well. Back in August, miss Claire W turned a sweet quarter century old, and her sister Ali rallied the peoples to contribute to a group gift: an organ claire had been coveting for years. This song appeared in my inbox as a thank you after the fact, tooooooo delightful. Thank YOU.

sealed with a kiss. by goldiebox

"there are no words to say."

i promise to sing this to anyone who can guess what ultim-o "organ" (non-organ) comes out a mere four days before my own 25th.

see an angel of black death?

you could go look at this.

"and we'll all be damned in the morning
we'll all be damned in the evening too"



super famous rock star: katie stelmanis.
i'm so excited for her.
this song is so good.
we went to band camp together in grade eight.
and all of this is true.


backs to

amanda blank and efffffffpants

what the hell lykke li

"usin' my legs 'cause my head ain't right."

leaving you behind. - amanda blank and lykke li

this song is dressed up in fall like that kid Sammy from Sideways Tales from Wayside School, who wears hundreds and hundreds of raincoats but is really a rat underneath them all. this book is somehow for preview on google books ijustdied: please go here