Mexico: What We Were Doing There

This summer I had the pleasure of sharing 3 weeks in Leon, GTO Mexico, with a group called Akosia. Akosia's purpose is to facilitate creative projects for underprivileged youth and children. Storytelling is a primary emphasis: what story do you want to tell? here's a way to tell it, here's the gear and how you use it... now: LET'S MAKE ONE!

we talked, we danced, we ran around, we shot footage, we laughed, we blawged, and edited;
we screened 2 films, we cried and we came back having learned so much.
What a summer.

Thank you:
Quinn Simpson
Lisa Grassa
Jordan Canning
Fiona Biggins
Derek Barnes
so many generous donors
our incredible translators
and of course the kids themselves (we will never forget you and your energy!)

for making this all possible.

Here's the film I had the pleasure of helping the kids create.
They wanted to make a horror film, that takes place at a party, with ghosts who seek revenge on their killer.

Their camera work and acting SHINE here in

special shout out to one Derek Barnes who co-ordinated our awesome stunts. !!

This documentary, edited and supervised by Canadian short film director Jordan Canning and London-based Life Coach Fiona Biggins, is a look at the Colonia Los Castillos.
The kids shot it using Flip cams and a Canon HFG10.
It's a personal and intimate glimpse into the lives of these incredible kids.


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This really moved me..! Thank you , guys!